Dr. Charles Travis, Founder/President
Logos Global Network was birthed in response to a call for help from a couple of young ministers who had unjustly been deposed from their ministry. Their plea for help was the stimulus for LGN. They not only needed assistance in restoring their clergy credentials, but they needed legal assistance in incorporating the new church in their state and acquiring a 501 C 3 non-profit IRS exemption. That was 35 years ago and since then we have responded to thousands of similar calls for help.
Along with our many partners, LGN is available to assist you in fulfilling your ministry vision. Whether you are a Pastor, Educator, Missionary, CEO of a Humanitarian outreach or local Community center. We are here to serve you, to hold up your arms when you become weary! Or, if you are just beginning a ministry or an organization similar to those mentioned above or, God has placed in your heart a vision that is outside the norm, then LGN will help your vision become a reality. 
We are here to serve.
Executive Officers
Dr. Charles Travis, Founder/President
Dr. RJ Gosselin, Executive Vice President
Deborah Travis, Treasurer 
Ethan Allen, Director of Member Engagement 
LGN Regional Directors
Rev. Ethan Allen, Ohio
Rev. Daniel Cook, Greater DC
Rev Joe Gonzalez , Northeast
Dr. Jack Kelly, Greater Atlanta
Dr. Michael Maddox, Rocky Mountain
Dr. Kelly McKnight, Southeast
Dr. James Mercer, Texas
Rev. Chris Owensby, Mid-South
Contact us at 904-559-1641 or drt@lgnfamily.org