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Published: May 21, 2019

3 Lies You're Telling Yourself About Getting Out Of Debt

Submitted by : Karen Ford

Sometimes lies can block the path forward - especially if you hear them over and over again. Have you heard these?

LIE #1: You can’t find a safe, affordable used car.

This isn't true. Lots of vehicles out there that someone else took the depreciation on and then traded it for a new card. Let them take the depreciation buying brand new.

LIE #2: You can’t eat healthy on a budget.

This simply isn't true. You can actually eat healthy for less, you just have to be focused. You can't find lots of info online about how to do this. Google it!

LIE #3: You can't have fun while you're getting out of debt.

Oh, yeah, this another lie you'll hear; but mostly from people who aren't really invested in getting out of debt. Sure, you might make some sacrifices when you're getting out of debt, but you can still have fun. And if you're looking for REAL FUN, wait until you're debt free!

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