Come Journey With Us . . . 

Jesus commanded us to go into all the world and make disciples.  It's a call you've embraced, but it is daunting when you feel like you're alone in the task.  

Logos Global Network is neither a conventional denomination nor merely a fellowship. We are a family of believers in covenant relationship with Christ and each other. 

Our vision is to facilitate ministry, missions and education to the nations. 

Come journey with us; let's work together towards the task of making disciples of every nation, shall we?

Two truly are better than one.  
We are stronger TOGETHER.   
We are more effective TOGETHER
We are better warriors TOGETHER.

Don't walk alone; COME JOURNEY WITH US.

We Care

Our staff is made up of ministry leaders who are compassionate and understanding.

We Educate

We strive to equip members with tools to avoid pitfalls and traps.

We Empower

Our goal and mission is to assist each member in realizing his/her full potential.


Dr. Charles Travis
Founder & President
Dr. Travis has a very strong conviction that every believer is a minister and that every minister should have a ministry, whether in the church, market place or public square. Read More
Dr. RJ Gosselin
Exec. Vice President
RJ is bi-vocational, working in the secular world to facilitate and support an effective Christian marketplace ministry. Read More
Dr. Shirley Wood
Chief Financial Officer
Shirley enjoys working with ministries and churches, helping with organizational set up and accounting systems. Read More
Eleanor Whitfield
Executive Director
Eleanor aims to strengthen faith-based organizations by creating practical avenues to help them fulfill the call of God for their ministries. Read More
Our Founder & President

Dr. Charles

I've spent over half a century connecting people from all over the Body of Christ with one another, helping them to accomplish greater things for the Kingdom of God than they ever thought possible.  When we stand together in Christ, we multiply our ability to reach the world with the message of His love and forgiveness. I invite you to "Come Journey With Us."

Our Services

Commissioned Minister

Recognition of calling to the ministry and a platform from which to develop skills while serving under the authority and supervision of 
an ordained minister

Licensed Minister

Authorization to assist in the preaching of the Gospel, the performing of baptisms, confirmations, ministrations to the sick and other biblical and religious activities or services

Ordained Minister

Authorization to preach the Gospel, solemnize marriages, perform baptisms, confirmations, ministrations to the sick and all biblical and religious activities and services


Endorsement for hospitals, prisons, to serve with police and fire departments, and in the public workplace. Federal endorsement for military chaplains.

501(c)(3) Group Covering

Immediate status for exemption under IRS Section 501(c)(3) at a significant cost and time savings

Form 990 Preparation

Our team of financial professionals can assist your ministry in the preparation and filing of IRS Form 990

Incorporation Supprt

We can complete your state filing, develop your Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, and even get your EIN number

Grant Consultation

We offer consultation on grant application packages, and can help improve your chances of approval for your grants
We Hope You Enjoy Some of Our 

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Meet Some Members of the Logos Global Network

  • Aidan University

  • American Chaplains Association

  • Board of Examiners
    Georgia Christian Counselors & Therapists

  • Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches

  • Christian Unity

  • Life Changing University

  • Land of Promise Foundation

  • Opus One Group

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Our Testimonials

Over the years, LGN has helped my ministry in innumerable ways.  I appreciate the wise counsel and the support they offer - wthout interference. A superb balance!
Preston Williams II
The tenacity provided by Eleanor Whitfield was instrumental in obtaining a new bus for our ministry. We would not have gotten the vehicle without her persistence.
Carl & Beverly Allen
Finding someone to speak with about ministry challenges (or just the challenges of a life in the ministry) can be difficult. LGN has provided a shoulder, and a heart, to lean upon.
Robert Thomson
5353 Arlington Expressway, Floor 2
Jacksonville, FL 32211

P.O. Box 351087
Jacksonville, FL 32235-1087

PHONE: 888-985-6467
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