LGN/ACA Member EMERGE4UNITY on the ground in Wilmington NC Disaster Area

My name is Terry Norton and I'm the Executive Director of EMERGE4UNITY, a ministry located about 60 miles north of Wilmington NC.   Two weeks ago, Hurricane Florence blew through here and dropped thirty to thirty five inches of rain in about four days. We are located right on the Northeast Cape Fear River by the intersection of Highway 24 and Highway 41 in Beulaville, NC. Flood stage here is 13 feet, and the river crested out yesterday it was 26 feet. The Cape Fear River is going to crest out at well over sixty four feet. 

We've been involved in disaster relief for few years, this is the first time we've ever hit been and devastated to this extent the whole town so what we have done this converted from an outward missions to a staging area. Through financial donations we personally distributed over $200,000.00 in goods and provided worship services to an excess of 5,000 people.  That has turned out to be a tremendous effort by volunteers from all over the country. We've had people from as far away as Louisiana that came to North Carolina to join with the hundreds of volunteers from right here at home -- people that are flooded out and had plenty of damage themselves. We have 35 to 40 showing up every day to help prepare and care for the immediate needs.

About a half mile from my house I can put my boat into the flood waters, and can travel about 15 miles down Highway 41 in in about 8 foot of water. So it's kind of a lot of devastation, displaced thousands and thousands of people in the community. And it's a rural farming community, so it's really really spread out. We've been preparing meals under my car port and in a little tiny warehouse that we have here. We've prepared and fed over six thousand meals. And not only are we prepared those meals, but we have to deliver those because people have fled and are trapped in containment areas. And so it's been a been a tremendous effort by a lot of people.

We are desperate for supplies as we develop a staging ground here. What that means is that, over the long term, people will be traveling here as we've started handing out flood supplies. We especially need baby needs, and cleaning supplies like brooms and mops - the list goes on and on. So we've been started collecting those things and we have great need of them because we have thousands of citizens here for the next two months or longer. Some will be without water for months, and we still have people without electricity.

We are at a stage now where we're having both survival needs and long-term replacement needs. We've had people help with donate two portable showers, people are bringing in dryers we can put in various locations. We have carpenter crews that call and they want to volunteer to travel and help rebuild. So you can probably understand that we've always done some work outside, but we've never been this much of a staging ground for the logistics of moving step in and out of here until the water recedes.
Terry & Judy Norris

Terry & Judy Norris


Supplies can be delivered to 
978 Old Chinquapin Road, Beulaville NC for distribution. 

We must be contacted prior to delivery. 

We can be reached at 
910-284-5994 Terry Norris or 910-431-3031 Chad Joyner.


Food and Water

We need cases of water, non-perishable food (such as canned food, cereal, pouched meals, etc.) Anything that cannot spoil will be used. Baby formula is in major demand. Ready-to-eat items are also great.

Pet food donations are also welcomed.

Protection from Elements

We need tarps of all sizes, but the larger the better.  Pillows, blankets, sleeping bags of all types - both for adults and children.  

Sleeping mats with padding to place on the floor are also needed.

Hygienic Items

We need basic hygiene items for men, women, children and infants. Toothbrushes and toothpaste, body care wipes, diapers and baby wipes, etc.  Feminine hygiene products (both pads and tampons) are needed.

Cleaning Items

We need items such as spray bottles, scrub brushes, DampRid moisture absorber, cleaning towels, large trash bags and other clean up items.

Misc Items

We use plastic grocery bags to distribute goods, so we need plenty! We also need insect repellent, batteries of all sizes and gas cards.

Rebuild Teams

Once the water recedes, we will need teams of volunteers to help clean out and rebuild homes.  Donations of building materials are welcomed.
5353 Arlington Expressway, Floor 2
Jacksonville, FL 32211

P.O. Box 351087
Jacksonville, FL 32235-1087

PHONE: 888-985-6467
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